Rent-A-Center Inc. contributes to Code Amber in memory of Carlie Brucia

Rent-A-Center Inc. will donate a $1,000 check in addition to the donations collected from their 43 Florida stores to Code Amber for the implementation of educational abduction prevention programs informing parents, teachers and children how to recognize danger, according to a press release issued this afternoon from www.codeamber.org.

Rent-A Center stores have been collecting donations in Carlie's memory since the tragedy unfolded in early February. "We here at Rent-A-Center are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Carlie Brucia. This contribution, in her memory, will allow Code Amber to continue providing programs to families and in turn prevent these types of abductions in the future," says store manager Jason Winters.

CodeAmber.org President Bryant Harper agrees. "Education and awareness are the keys to preventing this specific type of abduction. There are techniques parents can teach their children to be aware and to remove themselves from a dangerous situation. We did not have to lose this beautiful child."