June 21, 2006
Amendment to Statute 812.155 passes!

Years of legislative effort by FRDA members has finally paid off as the amendment to Statute 812.155 passes in both the House and Senate sides in Tallahassee, and is signed into law by Governor Jeb Bush. Prior to the admendment, the rental purchase/rent-to-own industry had been the only industry excluded from being able to use Statute 812.155 relating to unlawful taking of personal property with the intent to fraud. The new changes to the Statute become effective July 1, 2006. FRDA has sent a letter regarding this amendment to all State Attorney offices in Florida. We hope this clearly outlines to each State Attorney why this amendment is important to our industry. It also includes a copy of the Statute with all its exclusions and additions, making it very easy to see what has changed. Please click here to view the letter and the amended Statute.